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Alligator leather is one of the most durable materials in the world and is extremely comfortable at the same time. Alligator leather is well known when it comes to a range of products, including holsters and belts, and all kinds of other accessories. Alligators have lived on this planet for millions of years and now it is your chance to own a piece of history. This type of leather is not particularly common, so it gives buyers the chance to explore something unique and prestigious, something to treasure for ever!

Alligator Belly

Alligator Belly

Alligator Horn Back

Alligator Horn Back



Elephant hides are a thick and durable hide with a deep, distressed wrinkled texture.  Leather products are becoming more and more fashionable these days. The reality is that they have always been stylish and people are finally realizing that leather products offer excellent value for money. Our range of Elephant leather products is growing by the day and now includes Belts, Holsters  and much more. Our loyal customers benefit from excellent quality products . Remember, even though leather might seem like an expensive option initially, its durability means that it will last much longer than products that are made from inferior materials. Check out our range of Elephant leather products and see which ones would suit you.

Elephant Skin



Lizard leather is an extremely attractive, yet unique, material to use. More and more people are looking for products that offer something funky, fresh, unique and attractive and that is exactly what Lizard leather offers consumers. We offer a range of products made from this material, including the likes of wallets and belts. These products are not just original and unique, they offer people the chance to get something that is excellent value for money. The material is extremely durable which means it lasts a long time, offering excellent value for money in comparison with inferior materials that tend to be used nowadays.

Lizard Skin


Ostrich leather is certainly something that is unique. The chances of any relatives or friends having belts or holsters made from this material is going to be extremely slim, so you will finally have something different. Ostrich leather is not just unique though, it is an extremely durable material. Unlike low quality materials, Ostrich leather does not crack of become stiff and does not dry out, so it will stay in its high quality state for years to come.

Quilled Ostrich

Ostrich Skin

Ostrich Leg Skin

Ostrich legs are relatively small skins, unique for their texture. These skins make great enhancements projects. Ostrich legs have wide scaling down the center length of the leg with a natural texture and brilliant glazed shine.

Ostrich Skin Leg



Shark leather has been a material that has been used for many years, mainly due to its extremely high quality. In this day and age, it is hard to find something that is unique. This is why I have focused my energy on offering unique products made from Shark leather, products that really stand out from the crowd. Our product range includes belts , holster and much more, all made from the highest quality Shark leather in the world. The quality of Shark leather is what has allowed Shark leather to become as popular as it is today. In fact, the material is known for being one of the strongest in the world. According to tests, Shark leather is actually ten times stronger than cowhide, not to mention it being much more elegant as well, which means strength certainly is not going to be a problem. The popularity of Shark leather continues to increase as more and more people experience the benefits that it has to offer from being great value for money, comfortable and extremely durable.

Shark Skin




Stingray leather is extremely strong, not to mention very comfortable as well. Nowadays, products such as holsters and belts and all types of other garments are constructed using this material.



Spinal Stingray

Stingray Spinal