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Stylish Western Cell Phone Cases

Western wear associated with cowboys of the wild west has grown into one of the most celebrated styles in North America. Western style has grown beyond the traditional cowboy hat, boots, and spurs. It is now used to add a unique touch to many leather goods that were never associated with the wild west.

At Black Hills Leather, we have grown beyond solely crafting quality gun holsters and grown into one of the most recognizable leathersmiths in all of Texas. Due to the emergence of smartphones in the past decade, we decided to take the same quality craftsmanship we put in our gun holsters to design and carve the best custom leather smartphone cases available.  

Carved Western Leather Cell Phone Cases

The appeal of western wear is obvious. Its association with the legendary American cowboy has caused the design to grow in popularity beyond the once wild west. The carved leather designs give these western leather cell phone cases a three-dimensional appearance. This design method gives these cell phone cases an artistic touch that can only be accomplished through the highest quality craftsmanship.

Smartphone cases like this one are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. But best of all, they project a piece of your personality in their western design.

While a handcrafted, western cell phone case is sure to set your iPhone or Android device apart, choose an exotic leather to really set your case apart from the masses.

Here at Black Hills Leather, we carry some of the most sought after leathers on the market. Some of our favorites are, stingray leather, ostrich leather, and elephant leather.

However, to really make the most out of your western style cell phone case, we would recommend either our alligator or crocodile leather cases. These crocodilian leathers can take your western wear style to another level of commitment.

Western Weave Cases

While carved leather is immensely popular in western wear accessories, it is not the only western style that will make your leather apparel stand out. The western weave is another popular option for your western leather cell phone cases, and no one does it better than we do here at Black Hills Leather. We understand that your smartphone is not the only accessory you need to carry with you and protect. This is why many of our western weaved leather cell phone cases come with an additional compartment for your pocket knife.

Cases like this one are not for your average city-slicker but rather for your hard working, blue collar American.

Protect Your Smartphone in Style

With a wide range of leather smartphone cases, Black Hills Leather is sure to have the case of your dreams. Our cell phone cases are made with the same quality craftsmanship as our custom gun holster so you are sure to get your money’s worth. Check out our full selection of custom leather smartphone cases here.