Black Hills Leather - Handcrafted in the USA Since 1973


Videos from Rudy

Hand Carved Shoulder Holster.

Hand Carved Detailing Process.

 Handcrafting a BH75 Belt Slide Holster with Thumb Break

Holster Sewing

How a Belt is Made: The Cut

Leather Stamping

Leather Holster, Magazine Holder

and Belt Weave

Basket Weave Stamping

#5 Rifle slings

Leather Hand Carved

 BH99 Professional Belt Slide Holster

and the BH63C Handcuff Holder.

Conceal Duty Holster: Chocolate Brown

Western Rigs

Costum Belts

Vertical gun holster for glock 21

How to wear a double shoulder holster

Different Shoulder Holsters

How to use a Single Shoulder Holster