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Choosing the Best Shoulder Holster For Your Handgun

You can’t just throw your beloved handgun in just any holster. You need a holster that is made specifically for your handgun. You spent a fair chunk of change on your handgun so why put it in a cheap shoulder holster that is not made for its shape and weight?

Black Hills Leather is here to help, though. Regardless of the make and model of your handgun, we can handcraft a leather shoulder holster that best fits your needs. Don’t go into this blind and alone, let Black Hills Leather help you choose the best shoulder holster for your handgun.

Single Shoulder Holsters

The first step in choosing the best shoulder holster for your handgun is to decide whether you need a single holster or a double. If you only have one handgun, odds are you are going to be in the market for a single shoulder holster.

The single shoulder holsters we craft here at Black Hills Leather are made the same way as any of our products. We use only the highest quality leather and use only the most trusted leather crafting techniques to craft the shoulder holster of your dreams.

We can even use one of our exotic leathers to craft your single shoulder holster. Just as is the case with all our products, our exotic leather holsters are designed to ensure optimum comfort.

Double Shoulder Holsters

If you have two handguns, one of our double shoulder holsters might be more what you’re looking for. Our selection of double shoulder holsters is just as extensive as our selection of single shoulder holsters. We can even use our exotic leathers to craft one of these holsters as well.

Additionally, we can craft our single or double shoulder holsters to fit a wide array of gun makes and models. From Smith and Wesson to Glocks and everything in between, if you have a handgun and need a new shoulder holster, let Black Hills Leather help you choose the best shoulder holster for your handgun.

If you are interested in the finely crafted leather holsters, you can view our online selection here. If you still aren’t sold on the quality of our products, read what previous customers have said about their holsters.