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Concealed Carry Laws

It is our constitutional right to own firearms and now it is our legal right in every state to carry a concealed weapon. Illinois was the last state to pass concealed carry laws and now only certain locations, like military bases and federal properties, do not recognize concealed carry licenses.

Whether you own a concealed carry license for self-defense, protection, or to obtain firearms easier, Black Hills Leather has the perfect concealed carry holster for you. Before you browse our online store, let us educate you on the complexities of concealed carry laws in the United States.

Obtaining Your Concealed Carry License

In order to carry a concealed weapon in public, you must obtain a concealed carry license. The process of obtaining a concealed carry license varies state to state, but there are some similarities across the board.

In addition to a fee that is required to obtain your license, background checks are run to ensure you don’t have any felony charges. Once it comes back clean, you move on to your gun safety training course where the laws are explained by a knowledgeable instructor. Certain states require you to demonstrate your proficiency with a firearm before you’re able to obtain your license.

Difference Between State Laws

As mentioned before, while every state has a concealed carry law in the books, these laws can differ greatly state by state. Some states are unrestricted, like Alaska, and only issue concealed carry licenses for reciprocity purposes. Additionally, many states recognize out of state concealed weapon licenses. Ohio’s concealed carry licenses, for example, are recognized in 40 states across the country. Many concealed carry license holders obtain multiple state licenses to increase the number of states in which they can legally carry their weapon.

A Growing Trend

As early as the mid-1990’s there were only a handful of states that had concealed carry laws in the books. Over the past few decades, laws banning concealed carry weapons have fallen. In 2014, Illinois became the last state to legally allow concealed carry licenses to be issued.  

As more states began striking down laws prohibiting concealed carry weapons, the more lax laws became across the country. Currently, there are 7 states that are unrestricted in regards to concealed carry licenses.

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