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Selecting a Comfortable Shoulder Holster

When selecting the right shoulder holster for you, one aspect that is often overlooked is comfort. Shoulder holsters can be irritating to wear all day, especially in public, but they don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Here at Black Hills Leather, we specialize in handmade leather gun holsters. Each holster we craft is uniquely made, but equally comfortable. Made with the highest quality materials and most trusted leather crafting techniques, our holsters are built to last. If you are in the market for a new shoulder holster, let us fill you in on why comfort should not be taken for granted.

Is there a Comfortable Shoulder Holster?

If you have been carrying a concealed weapon for a while, you might have gotten accustomed to uncomfortable shoulder holsters. This may have been the common theme for years, but not since Black Hills Leather began crafting handmade gun holsters in 1990.

Crafting a comfortable shoulder holster is a lot more difficult than simply adding extra padding to the strap.  While this will make your shoulder holster more comfortable, alone it won’t be enough.

The key to crafting a comfortable shoulder holster is actually weight distribution. As you already know, guns are not lightweight. This means that carrying a gun in your shoulder holster can add stress and pressure on your shoulder and ribs. By distributing the weight evenly, however, we are able to create the most comfortable shoulder holster available.

Black Hills Leather Options

A point of pride for us here at Black Hills Leather is the seemingly endless options of shoulder holsters that we offer. Whether you are looking for a classic double shoulder holster or something more unique like one of our exotic leather holsters, you can expect to find that it is carried by Black Hills Leather.

Our exotic leather products are sure to set your holster apart from any other. We carry alligator, shark, stingray, ostrich, and many more exotic leathers. We craft these exotic leathers with the same skill and technique as we do with our traditional leather holsters. The best part is that we can craft a comfortable shoulder holster, double or single, out of these exotic leathers.

If you’re interested in some of the comfortable shoulder holsters we offer at Black Hills Leather, then you can visit our website to see our full line of leather products. If you still aren’t sold on our products, read what some of our former customers have had to say about their holsters.